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Inside regularity nine Mii-chan approached Ayanokoji enjoy your so you can a cafe and you will questioned your to possess advice with respect to Hirata

Mei-Yu Wang

Mii-chan informed Ayanokoji that Hirata informed her you to definitely Ayanokoji ‘s the most reliable and you can level-headed member of their class, following Mii-chan questioned Ayanokoji in the event the Hirata was relationships some body immediately following Hirata broke up with Karuizawa, Mii-chan after that informed Ayanokoji you to definitely she preferred Hirata however, she does not have any depend on while the she has of many opponents hence she hadn’t dropped in love just before. Ayanokoji informed her not to become looking forward since Hirata try a good a beneficial individual and you will immediately following Hirata left Karuizawa it is impractical he encourage people confessions so you can him rapidly. Up coming Mii-chan told her feeling from Ayanokoji, one to she believes you to because Ayanokoji are a silent people. Someone constantly thinks one to Ayanokoji was a scary people however, her feeling towards the Ayanokoji alter. She notion of your because the individuals friendly and you may great at listening to many other man’s viewpoint as well as giving sound advice.

Most other Friends

Besides Suzune, Kikyo, Airi, Ken and you will Yosuke, the guy does seldom interact with their almost every other class mates. When you look at the Event 1, if the classification was questioned to help you put themselves, the guy tried to build an excellent perception but had a plain reasons when speaking which mislead additional college students. For the Occurrence 2, Kiyotaka are downcast that everybody more generated a friend as he had been by yourself. During Episode 3, an excellent celebratory group try tossed within his space just after a recently available quiz although he was pleased he previously nearest and dearest around, he had been concerned with the clutter. The guy hid his engagement into the stopping Ken’s expulsion by providing Suzune the financing toward plan immediately following Kikyo mentioned that Kiyotaka had something to do involved. In Episode 4, he seemed to work well together with friends because they every try to find facts to show Ken’s innocence. Whenever Honami open to assist claiming she due him an effective rather have, the team pondered as to why just some body therefore breathtaking had currently owed him a favour. Within the Occurrence seven, Kiyotaka wanted to engage in the team out-of males which wished to peep on the females, even if their real motives would be to end her or him out-of providing their classification in some trouble. With Suzune’s help, the plan is actually effortlessly foiled. This was a range from the initial light book in which he signed up the assistance of Kei to foil their package.

During the endurance sample, his lack of prominence in the category try delivered to white whenever Suzune volunteered him because a guard once Kei’s underwear was stolen, leading to a few of them to help you agree with the declaration. Yet not, many provided to set your towards the protect responsibility once the the guy did not search lecherous rather than one other people regarding the group.

On account of his genuine opinion, it’s unknown just what he most thinks of his friends. Yet not, evidently their steps helped them out in the fresh enough time focus on since found in the success test where the class acquired, but he covered his music by giving Suzune the credit.

Regarding the light elizabeth as much scarcely take note of your on account of him concealing in the background. But not, when he challenged Manabu Horikita to help you a rush, the guy presented a look out-of their real physical show within football event. Even if he lost the brand new battle, the course try it really is astonished by their expertise and visited find him inside the a separate white, which have him also more popular among certain ladies for the their category, far in order to their amaze and the most other boys’ dismay.

By the revealing their genuine speciality, some of the students have even shaped a study category known as the Ayanokoji Category, which is a group of children who virtually cover up regarding the background that have him. He turned best friends having a majority of the latest players, also taking toward an initial-title base together. Kiyotaka does not seem to consider him or her pawns and you can appears to undoubtedly care for those he’s befriended. Though when you look at the afterwards quantities, he’s got distanced themselves from their store so that they can fend to have on their own and you may grow while also centering on so much more certain somebody.

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