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Liquidity risk/lack of additional marketplace liquidity when it comes to loans

Some P2P platforms may enable investors to offer their loan opportunities prior to the loan was completely paid back, nevertheless the investor’s capacity to promote their loan relies on another investor’s curiosity about that loan. Investors might find it hard to promote their loans in the event that debtor was experiencing almost any stress, for instance negative information states or a duplicated belated repayment history. Some lending that is p2P could also suspend loan purchases to guard brand new investors from buying that loan where there is certainly an understood issue.

Danger of performing activities that are unlicensed

Some platforms may contend because they only offer loan services and provide information services that they do not engage in regulated activities. Nonetheless, the Securities and Futures payment (SFC) might take a view that is different consider that the certification needs underneath the Securities and Futures Ordinance (SFO) is caused. Platforms/platform operators carrying on company in regulated activities underneath the SFO with out a licence can be a offense underneath the SFO. Be sure to relate to the part below » just How are P2P lending managed in Hong Kong?».

Disclosure dangers

Investment proposals on platforms may lack standardisation and offer less information than securities within the general public areas, rendering it much harder for investors to comprehend the potential risks. For instance, there might be restricted information on how diligence that is due carried out on borrowers, means of modelling credit danger, or too little clear and comparable standard information on loan portfolios. Investors may well not understand the borrower’s profile through the platforms (sometimes even with the investment is manufactured), together with facts available might not be precisely verified either.

Danger of collapse, malpractice or fraud by the system

In the last few years, specific circumstances of system fraudulence, collapse and closing need materialised and triggered investor losings.

Cross-border chances

A couple of platforms have begun providing loan opportunities on a cross-border foundation. It is not clear in such problems under which law the investors can look for redress in the event of fraudulence, standard or bankruptcy by the debtor or the system. Even in the event a system was certified overseas, investors might have trouble enforcing their legal rights and passions if such a thing goes wrong.

Cyber protection

Cyber-attacks can come in a variety of forms, such as for example hacking, overloading a system’s infrastructure, complicated records, identification theft and/or stealing facts including individual data.

Prohibited tasks

Some platforms/users of platforms can be taking part in unlawful strategies, such as for example fraudulence by events creating provides regarding the system, funds laundering or any other commerce that is illegal can lead to regulatory actions like suspension by appropriate police force agencies.

Just exactly exactly How was lending that is p2P in Hong Kong?

The definition of «securities» try defined widely beneath the SFO, and its particular meaning expands beyond stocks in an organization. The expression might also incorporate debentures of a business and passions in an investment scheme that is collective. Consequently, with regards to the way by which A p2p system structures its company, their tasks may include dealing in or advising on securities, which is managed strategies beneath the SFO. When this happens, the platform/platform operator may prefer to become certified underneath the SFO prior to it being allowed to bring in a company in such task.

The investment offered on the P2P platform may be subject to the restrictions on offers of investments under the SFO in addition, depending on the specific structure and features of the arrangement.

As a result of danger connected with P2P lending, the SFC may consider that one P2P financing platforms aren’t ideal for retail investors and can even just approve certification applications with a condition which the P2P financing platforms should restrict their solutions to expert investors.

More Hong Kong legal guidelines could also apply, e.g. P2P financing platforms plus the operators could need to submit an application for a cash loan provider’s licence through the businesses Registry.

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