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This woman is a celebrated gem thief exactly who did since the a government agent in the world

Rouge this new Bat is actually a recurring antiheroine that appears on comic strip collection Sonic X as well as comic series published by Archie Comics.


Rouge the newest Bat has partners, particularly Shade this new Hedgehog and you may Topaz away from Firearm It wasn’t until after a couple of episodes one Rouge and you can Topaz in fact became best friends. At the conclusion of the year in which Topaz and you can Rouge satisfied, Rouge therefore the anybody else have been transmitted house. While you are Rouge said goodbye so you’re able to Topaz, Topaz got a rip within her vision, remembering the memories that they had. For the Seasons 2, she actually is among GUN’s ideal agencies.

She battled resistant to the Metarex inside the Year step 3 while you are trying to make a mess emeralds out-of Doctor Eggman and put-out Trace. She meets the favorable side and proclaimed battle into Eggman shortly after Christopher Thorndyke try taken to Planet.

Rouge seemingly and has good locket belonging to Bokkun, Eggman’s live messenger robot. She always pulls it out whenever Bokkun won’t work on chores on her behalf, and therefore convinces him to attend to this lady tasks. (From the Japanese variation, the inside of locket shows an image of Lotion this new Bunny, hence indicates that Bokkun provides a crush on her.)

Trace the fresh Hedgehog

Whenever Rouge first based the firm deals to own helping Dr. Eggman and you can Shade the Hedgehog select the A mess Emeralds, she looked oddly interested in Shadow and you may demonstrated a fair count from remorse from the final episode of the fresh collection, when watching the brand new empty medicine she’d discover him in the. Eggman indeed notices so it time and you can claims, «I can’t believe they! You will be worried about Shade aren’t you?». Rouge rejects this, but immediately after inquiring Eggman where the guy believes Shade is, she candidates that he understands a thing that he’s not telling her. Later about series, Rouge comes with Shade, even with he to go out of on his own.

Knuckles the new Echidna

Both are competitors such as the new game. Yet not, their like interest in each other is more emphasized since the a couple features a few personal conversations together hence hinted the like in a few symptoms. Inside occurrence 48, she in reality phone calls him «handsome» due to the fact she are traveling away to look for Chris, that Knuckles grins straight back. The fresh new 4Kids site mentions the girl crush toward Knuckles, but Rouge will not face it.

Amy Flower

They appear to hang a global rivalry and you will compete increasingly up against each other about Competition Contest and she taunts Amy just after beating the woman.


She possess flirting your, plus in the newest event arch of Sonic X, she defeats him in the competition because of the making out your towards the cheek.


Topaz is actually Rouge’s spouse. Although in the beginning, this new regimental Topaz disapproves of one’s scheming Rouge (just who have calling this lady a classic female), both be members of the family quick. Their fundamental assignments involved striking from the Eggman and you can picking out the A mess Emeralds also helping because the envoys anywhere between Sonic and also the regulators. Topaz said farewell in order to Rouge when she needed to return to the girl entire world, Rouge offered this lady a ring while the a good-bye present. This really is quite unusual, just like the Rouge usually has any little bit of jewellery she comes across. After Topaz observes Rouge step through the site back again to their family planet, Topaz has an out of profile afroromance-coupon time in which she blasts to your rips whining, unlike this lady common hard and you may major characteristics, indicating there is a strong relationship between them. In a single event, not, while you are Topaz was leisurely with the beach, she called Rouge just who thought to her one she would like good cave because the a vacation put while the she actually is a good bat, and you may Topaz following understands why Rouge possess instance a monotonous personal lives.

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